I have to say, I had my doubts about whether I could set up my own blog. I am by no means a technical person and don’t even know the slightest bit of HTML. However I noticed when reserving some domain names with GoDaddy, they offered a number of open-source blogging platforms available for free with every hosting account and this got me interested in setting up my own. The steps I took in setting up my own blog Once I had made the decision to set up a blog, it took less than 24 hours to have it up and running, with the suited theme and its very first post (This one!). Which I invite you to comment on. The steps I took where as follows: Step 1 - Select an open-source blogging platform There a number of open-source platforms available that provide free blog content management systems. Common open-source blogs include WordPress, Serendipity, Geeklog & b2evolution. I decided to go with WordPress given a large number of themes, strong community, and support it seems to have. Step 2 - Se
Visitor Friendly Blog Design is a very important part of creating a blogging site. Good and stylish blog design attracts visitors and visitors feel comfortable during surfing the site. During creating a Visitor Friendly Blog site, it is essential to consider some important factors like… Visitor’s browser version. Most of the visitors use older version browsers. For this reason, you need to consider their browser version to represent a stylish website. Visitor’s monitor or display size. Maximum visitors use 800px X 600px size. Video capacity. Maximum visitors use 256-kilobyte speed internet as a result they may face problems during video streaming. Internet speed, mobile responsive, etc After considering all the above things a blogging site becomes popular with visitors. Today I am going to share some important techniques for Visitor Friendly Blog Design that will give you a clear idea about visitor-friendly blog design. 1. Simple Template Most of the visitors like the simple and light-
Keyword Research is a very important and essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By using different types of analytic tools, we can easily figure out how to optimize a website for Search Engines. But most of the time our targeted site does not get top ranking on the Search Result page due to a lack of the right keywords. It’s a common problem for all webmasters.  Firstly in Search Engine, most of the searches happen on a Keyword basis. Secondly, maximum visitors visit only the first two/three pages of search result pages. They use different keywords to find out targeted content. Most of the time it is very difficult to keep a website at the top of the search result page. For this reason, webmasters want to keep the content at least the first or second Search Result Page to get maximum visitors. And it only occurs when search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research done in the right way. For the above reason, keyword research is very important for a website. Without t
In search engine optimization (SEO),  keyword research is a very important part. Because it is very difficult to find out the right keywords for a website/blog. Most of the searches occurred in search engines based on a keyword basis and maximum visitors only visit the first two or three pages of search result pages. For this reason, keyword research is very important for a website/blog. Today I am going to share how to select the right keywords manually for your website/blog. Normally web spiders use a complex algorithm to find out keywords from content or website. Just for example now think this article is about the Manual Keyword Research Technique . Normally the term “ keyword research ” will be repeated many times in this article.  For this reason, the phrase will be the top keyword in this article. But only one keyword is not suitable for your website/blog for getting huge traffic. You need to find out a list of keywords for your website/blog. Now How To Find Keywords For Your Si
 If you are a WordPress site owner then it is a common matter how to secure a WordPress site from hackers. Every day lots of hackers try to hack and it is very tough to secure a WordPress site. A single mistake can make success to hackers hack your website. If you have a little knowledge about coding then you can follow the below techniques to secure the WordPress site from hackers. So let see. 1. Choose The Best Web Hosting Every web hosting server has its own security system. It can protect the initial hacker’s attack. Good web hosting not only gives a hosting space but also give good security for a website. Before starting a WordPress site choose a popular web hosting provider. 2. Change Default WordPress Username When you are installing WordPress by default the administrator username set as “admin”. Hackers always target this default username. Change the default username to a secure WordPress site. In your WordPress dashboard follow the below steps to change the default username. G
Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of a website. Without SEO, you can not get online success and desirable traffic to your site. There are a large number of WordPress plugins are available for SEO but which one you should use. Actually, a single WordPress plugin can not give you a total SEO solution. You need to select a good combination of few plugins which will give you the ultimate solution. Here are the 6 best WordPress Plugins for SEO. So let see the WordPress plugins and their special features. 1. Yoast SEO It is a great WordPress plugin for SEO and I like this plugin. Over 1 million WordPress site owners use this plugin for their website. Most of the SEO features are available in this WordPress plugin. Some Special Features: Content analysis for keywords, title, and meta description. Page analysis for keywords, title and meta description. Meta tags optimization. Link optimization. Generate XML Sitemap both for visitors and search engines. RSS optimization Gene
In order to help your online business grow, you need to select some useful marketing strategies. That’s when you can rely on video marketing, which may be hard but is extremely beneficial if done properly. There was a time when the internet connections were slow and it was difficult to upload videos on different sites. Today, things have changed considerably – it is easy to upload, download, and watch streaming videos. It is due to this change in technology that video marketing has now become an important way of creating new business opportunities. Why Video Marketing is Difficult Yes, it is easy to upload videos on different video marketing channels, but there are certain issues that complicate the whole thing. While there are video marketing channels available for you to use, it is not possible to have all your videos uploaded. The simple reason is that these channels have their own rules that they want you to follow at the time of creating and uploading a video. If you don’t obey th