Advanced SEO Setting For Blogger Blog Part-2

Previous post I have discussed some important SEO settings for blogger blogs. Today I am going to share the other important SEO setting for blogger blog which will be helpful to you. So let see...

The comment section is very important to measure a blog's popularity. Through comments, you can also understand what type of content desire your reader from your blog. This is also helpful for creating a good blog community.


Enable Comment Location

Firstly you need to set up a comment location for your post. When you select embedded then your audience can easily comment on your post. Other options are not user friendly.

Setting >> Posts and Comments >> Comments >> Comment Location >> Embedded

Select Your Commenter

You can select your commenter through this option. Just select one option which you want.

Setting >> Posts and Comments >> Comments >> Who Can Comment >> Anyone

Enable Comment Moderation To Block Spam

A spam comment is very common to all blogs. Blogger has its own spam filter but sometimes it can not identify spam comment properly. Then manual selection is important. You can easily protect spam comments through this section. Select sometimes and then Set "1" in the box where it says for posts older than ... days. After doing this you can check manually every comment before publishing.

Setting >> Posts and Comments >> Comments >> Comments Moderation >> Sometimes >> Setup 1 day

Show Word Verification

This practice is also helpful for reducing spam commenters and bots.

Setting >> Posts and Comments >> Comments >> Show Word Verification >> Yes

Add Meta Description

Write a keyword-rich short description (Maximum 150 Characters) Search engines use this description to get an idea about your blog.

Setting >> Search Preferences >> Meta Tags >> Description >> Yes >> Write Description

Modify Errors and Redirects When Necessary

Custom Page Not Found

You can create a 404 pages through this option. 404 page is very helpful for reducing bounce rate. Write a message which will be displayed to your audience on a missing page.

Setting >> Search Preferences >> Errors and Redirection >> Custom Page Not Found >> Setup 404 Page

Custom Redirects

This option is helpful when you get broken links in your blog. Through this option, you can easily redirect you're broken to regular link.

Setting >> Search Preferences >> Errors and Redirection >> Custom Redirects >> Redirect Broken Link to Regular Link

Crawlers and Indexing

Custom Robot txt

Just enter the below code in this section.

Setting >> Search Preferences >> Crawlers and Indexing >> Custom Robots txt >> Yes >> Setup Robot txt

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /


Just change the highlighted area with your blog address.


Custom Robots Header Tags

Custom robots header tags are very important for the search engine optimization of your blog. Be careful before editing this section. Just tick as described below the image for better SEO of your blogger blog.

Setting >> Search Preferences >> Crawlers and Indexing >> Custom Robots Header Tags >> Yes >> Setup Header Tags

Setup Blog Feed

This option is used for feed subscribers. If you select the Full option then your readers will get a complete post in their inbox and if you select the Short option then your readers will get the only a summary in their inbox.

Setting >> Other >> Blog Tools >> Site Feed >> Select Until Jump Break or Short

Enable Google Web Property ID

Google Analytics is a very popular and free web-tracker provided by Google. Through this tracker, you can get detailed information about your blog. Just collect your blog's analytic ID and enter it to activate it.

Setting >> Other >> Google Analytics >> Add analytic ID

Other common settings are Default Language, Local Time zone, Date header format, Time-stamp format for the post, Comment time-stamp format, etc. Setup these based on your blog's language and local time. These are all SEO settings for blogger blogs. Optimize properly your blogger blog and you will get the changes within a short time. Leave your valuable feedback to us about this post. Happy Blogging :)