Earn an income through blogging

For the last few years, I have always wondered why blogging has become such a popular past-time. My first impression was that it allowed socially inept people to interact with others behind the shield of their computer screen! But as I slowly reduce my ignorance of the world wide web, I have come to realize there is a lot more to it than first meets the eye…


Making money from your blog

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a large enough income through blogging to support yourself and then more? Well, many people actually do but apparently, it is quite a small percentage who can actually make a living doing so (approx around 1% who try). Successful bloggers use a number of techniques to generate income from their blogs.

The contextual ad program Google’s AdSense is by far the most common revenue source for bloggers. Affiliate programs such as ClickBank are also relatively common with commissions being paid upon successful referral which results in the sale of some product, Amazon is probably the most well-known affiliate even if you didn’t know it! For more information from an expert in making money through blogging, check out ProBlogger. Great blog from someone who knows how to make money from it.

Using a blog as a testing ground for ideas

Many blogs like this one allow readers to comment on your entries. This makes it a great testing ground for any articles, stories, potential book ideas you might have to see the initial response. You can ask people outright “Would you be interested in this?” and the expansive and pro-active blogging community would likely comment as long as you are pulling traffic to your website.

The feedback you receive will help shape the final form it takes if you decide to publish it as an article in a magazine, ebook, podcast, or video. It is also convenient to keep all your ideas in electronic form in one convenient place you can access anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection.

Given the ease of creating new pages and content on your blog, it also provides a great testing ground for revenue-earning streams as mentioned before. You may decide to test some new advertising program out on your blog before putting on other websites you may have.