How To Use Tumblr Effectively For Social Media And SEO Marketing?

Tumblr is one of those excellent social media platforms that can prove to be really beneficial in marketing your company and brand in a unique way. There are two major benefits that can be explored and those are the first direct SEO benefit and the integrated benefit from Social Media.

How To Use Tumblr Effectively For Social Media And SEO Marketing?

You must be wondering what is Tumblr; well it is a unique social media platform that can also help you to create a hybrid blog. Here are some important points that can prove to be extremely beneficial while using Tumblr in an effective manner for Social Media and SEO Marketing.

How to use Tumblr effectively for social media and SEO marketing?

The first and foremost step is to see if your Tumblr’s account has outbound links enabled. Though by default it is activated in Tumblr but still give it a check. This step will help you to have an easy flow of authority and PageRank.

Tumblr also allows its users to reblog your posts, this feature is the same as the retweet feature on Twitter. This feature can really help you to increase more awareness about your blog and hence the traffic will also increase.

Another best part about using Tumblr is that you can use Tumblr as your main site and there is no penalty for it. Hence, you can save money that you would have spent for creating a new website. The templates offered by Tumblr are quite interesting and helps you in exploring the creativity factor.

With all these above-mentioned points you must have come to know that Tumblr is a very powerful tool and can really help your business to grow in a big way.

Whenever you post something on Tumblr make sure that you post relevant things and unnecessary things that should not be posted. There are few things that have the capacity to go viral and there are chances that the viral thing might not be associated with your business and hence it is of no use.

It is always good to post as much visual content as you can because viewers respond more positively to such kind of content. You can post videos and pictures related to your business and products and even can launch new products through Tumblr.

You can also post creative pictures and interesting stuff that is related to your business and can help you to boost up the profit and revenue.

Another best thing that is in fashion these days is called Memes and they go viral pretty quickly.

 You can engage more and more customers by posting famous quotes of famous people. These quotes also help in inspiring people and they return to your website again and again to seek inspiration from such inspiring quotes.

Now we can see that Tumblr can prove to be a great and effective tool in promoting your content and acts as a perfect and ideal platform as it offers both qualities that are SEO marketing and social media strategies.

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