Keyboard Shortcuts For Blogger Post Editor is a great platform for blogging. Many newbies start their blogging life with I also started my first blogging life with a blogger. Actually, it is a great platform for those, who want to learn about blogging, web design, and also web development. is a part of Google. This service is totally free and anyone can easily start their blogging life from here. makes it simple and gives a simple user-friendly environment that anyone can use easily. 

This platform is comparatively simple and easy than other platforms. I recommend you for starting your new blogging life with a blogger. You do not need to pay and you can learn all basic things from a blogger.

After starting blogging life with you can write your post through blogger post editor or you can use an offline blog editor. When you use a blogger post editor for writing your post then you can use the shortcut. But maximum time new users do not use keyboard shortcuts in the blogger post editor. Blogger keyboard shortcuts help to write posts easily and quickly. For this reason today I am going to share some important keyboard shortcuts of the blogger post editor.


Keyboard Shortcuts And Their Functions

Keyboard ShortcutsFunction
CTRL + BTo Bold
CTRL + ITo Italic
CTRL + UTo Underline
CTRL + XTo Cut
CTRL + CTo Copy
CTRL + VTo Paste
CTRL + ZTo Undo
CTRL + YTo Redo
CTRL + FTo Find a Word or Phrase
CTRL + ATo Highlight all the text
CTRL + STo Auto Save & keep editing
CTRL + PTo Publish the post
CTRL + DTo Save as Draft
CTRL + SHIFT + PTo Preview the post
CTRL + SHIFT + ATo Insert Hyperlink
CTRL + LTo Blockquote (In HTML mode only)
CTRL + GIndic Transliteration

Highlighted keyboard shortcuts may vary from browser to browser and sometimes not work. You can use Indic Transliteration to translate your post to another language.

Some Special Shortcuts

Recently introduced a new shortcut for adding Google Plus Profile or Google Page on blog posts. In your blog post where you want to mention someone just add "+" plus sign before a name. Then you can see a list of Google profiles and select your desired one from the list. This technique is helpful for adding post author, people related to post, Google plus profile, and Google pages.

If you know any other keyboard shortcuts without these shortcuts then Please share with us through the comment box below. Thank you all :)