A Simple Stepwise Guide for Beginners to Build Natural Links

Link building has been a critical task for different companies to improve their visibility in the search engine result pages. The definition of link building has changed nowadays, which is measured in the terms of visibility among social media sites and mentions online depicting an online presence of the brand name. The strategies followed today for building quality links to a particular website must be ethical to build a better relationship with the online consumer group, thus gaining maximum reputation and improving the chances of sales.


For building high-quality links, you can follow a simple guide provided below. Steps mentioned below for link building can be used for the creation and the maintenance of a better relationship of a business with its consumers. 

A strategy for the attraction of the target audience group is better than gaining attraction from technical users, since the target user group will provide more leads and hence more revenue to the business. A stepwise guide for a gaining maximum benefit from link building services is discussed below to help you create manual links successfully.

  • Research: The first step in building ethical back links from different websites is the research of genuine sources to build links with. To start with this research, go to google and search for keywords relevant to your business along with different combinations to search for relevant websites. A domain name added to the search criteria can help you narrow the results and look for trustworthy sites from a lower number of search results. Facebook can also be used for searching relevant website links as being a social media site, it also provides an opportunity to gain information about the popularity and other social aspects of the site. After a research of genuine names, whom you can trust to be your high quality link sources, you should work on the strategy of building relationship.

  • Outreach: After creating a list of relevant websites that are likely to serve a high quality source for mentioning your business online, you have to approach them to get a mention from them. You must follow a set procedure for convincing people for offering a mention of your business online. This approach can add value to your outreach and provide them sufficient reasons to mention your business. Begin with a formal conversation and discuss about your business and services with them, in a manner to make them feel that you are passionate about what you are doing. Never ask directly for a mention, while creating an honest relationship at first is a better approach, since it will persuade them to mention your business without you need to ask them. This with a professional approach, you can improve the number of quality links created manually to get a better and higher rank.

  • Maintain Relationships: Creating a relation, getting a mention link and saying thank you isn’t healthy for your business. You might need the same website to mention you again in future, which could be possible only if you maintain the relationship. Create communication logs to add value to the relation and gain more paybacks.

Following above steps can help you build natural links for an ethical long-term ranking.

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